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How to Start Your Content Marketing Program

Smart businesses know that a content marketing program is essential to build awareness, be seen as a thought leader, improve customer engagement, and get more leads. The facts are in:

  • 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • 90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe businesses that provide custom content are interested in building good relationships with them (TMG Custom Media)
  • Businesses with an active blog report 97% more leads (HubSpot)
  • Content marketing generates about 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing (Demand Metric)

Companies and consumers agree that creating valuable content is crucial. It’s the difference between losing business to your competitors and bringing in more customers.

The Content Marketing Solution You Needcontent marketing program

You want to save time, focus on your core business, and increase revenue. You want a proven system for attracting prospects and engaging customers. You want a content marketing solution that truly works for your business. You need Novo Writing.

Our content marketing program is customized for your business. It works by consistently providing your target audience with high-quality content that converts. We write, optimize, and distribute educational articles as part of an ongoing content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Program Benefits

From strategic planning to article writing to content distribution, Novo Writing handles everything for you. The program provides you with many key benefits:

  • Build awareness for your business and products/services
  • Develop your reputation as an industry expert and thought leader
  • Provide prospects and customers with educational articles on topics that are important to them
  • Boost your company’s visibility in search results
  • Drive more qualified prospects to your website and improve leads
  • Increase positive engagement with customers
  • Build customer trust and loyalty to shorten the sales cycle

content marketing programWhat’s Included

Achieving success with content marketing requires consistency. It takes a commitment to regularly create and distribute high-quality articles online. The more articles you publish, the better the results. As such, Novo Writing’s content marketing program is a monthly subscription service that includes:

  • Industry and specific topic research: We perform industry research to discover the trends and issues that are important to your target audience. Then we quickly get up to speed on the topics so we can write educational articles from your company’s point of view.
  • Keyword research: We know what terms your prospects are searching for so we can write articles that are optimized for your primary keyword phrases.
  • 4 high-quality articles/month: We write, optimize, publish, syndicate, and share one 500-600 word article per week. Our standard subscription content marketing program includes four articles per month.
  • Article posting, syndication, and social sharing: We post the articles on your blog. Then, after the search engines index every article (giving your site credit as the original author), we handle the syndication process to help your content reach and influence the most people in your target audience. We also handle the sharing and promotion of each article on your company’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ accounts. We do this every day of the week with different teasers and updates.
  • Leveraging content: We can help you get the most out of every article on your blog with our email newsletter strategy. Keep in touch with the prospects and customers on your mailing list without having to spend extra time and money creating additional content. This significantly increases the amount of qualified visitors to every article on your blog.

content marketing programHow We Solve Your Content Marketing Challenges

Despite their best intentions, many businesses simply don’t have the time, in-house resources, and content marketing expertise to develop, implement, and manage their own content marketing program. Most companies quickly discover that the time and amount of work it takes to do content marketing right is overwhelming.

Novo Writing helps overcome the challenges your business faces:

  • Strategy: From planning to execution, having a content marketing strategy in place is critical if you’re serious about outperforming your competitors. Novo Writing partners with you to provide ongoing support and strategic advice so you can achieve your goals.
  • Time: It’s in short supply when you’re running a business and need to be spending your time fulfilling orders, developing products/services, and taking care of customers. Novo Writing ensures articles are delivered and distributed on time so you can keep the leads flowing in.
  • Resources: Most companies don’t have the resources for in-house staff to be dedicated to content marketing activities. Outsourcing your content marketing program to Novo Writing frees up staff so you can save time and money.
  • Expertise: Successful businesses know they can’t do everything themselves. You simply can’t be an expert in everything. Now you can leverage Novo Writing’s content marketing expertise so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Writing: Every piece of content you publish must be well-written to position yourself as an expert and maintain your credibility. You also need to know how to strategically incorporate keywords into articles. As a professional SEO copywriting firm, Novo Writing has the experience and expertise to write great articles that are optimized for the search engines and sought after by your target audience.

What We’re Notcontent marketing program

There’s a big difference between a content marketing professional and a simple content creator. Novo Writing has the whole package—content marketing strategy, research expertise, superior article writing skills, SEO copywriting expertise, and knowledge of article distribution best practices. Here’s what we’re not:

  • We’re NOT a content factory with unskilled writers churning out subpar articles. Content mills do not perform the proper research (on your industry, your business, your keywords, and specific topics and trends), let alone have the professional SEO copywriting expertise to craft compelling content. In fact, they can do more harm than good. They don’t take the time to learn your industry and your business, and they’re more concerned with the quantity of content rather than the quality—a big mistake when your reputation with both the search engines and your target audience is on the line.
  • We’re NOT the cheapest solution out there. Like most things in business, you get what you pay for. Our clients are willing to pay for the benefits of having a strategic partner that provides consultation, top-notch research, high-quality articles, content syndication, and social sharing as part of a program that achieves results. Our total content marketing solution sets us apart from our competitors so you can outperform yours.
  • We’re NOT a one-off article provider. We’ve designed our content marketing program with your best interests in mind. Experience shows that simply writing and distributing an article every once in awhile without a cohesive strategy simply doesn’t work. You need a commitment to consistency and a willingness to invest in your own success. We don’t want to waste your time and ours, not to mention your money, with a haphazard approach that doesn’t deliver results.

Ready to Start Your Content Marketing Program?

Implementing a content marketing program is the single most important action you can take right now to build awareness for your business, be viewed as a thought leader, and attract more prospects. Get started by simply filling out the form below or calling 310.792.8888 to setup your free consultation.

About Novo Writing

Novo Writing is a content marketing and SEO copywriting firm based in Redondo Beach, California. As a trusted partner of leading businesses since 2006, we’ve cornered the market on content marketing solutions that deliver results. We’d love the opportunity to show you what working with Novo Writing can do for your business.

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